The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

Christmas memories

Tots100 and little tikes are hosting a blogger giveaway to relive your favourite Christmas memory.

For my favourite festive memory there is one that sticks out, Christmas 2012. In the space of 6 months I had given birth to Jack, spent some time in hospital due to problems breast feeding, lost my Dad and moved house. So that Christmas morning was one filled with many emotions but my focus was on my boy.
At only 6 months old most of Christmas went over Jacks head but he enjoyed opening his presents (just the opening mind) and staring at the sparkly Christmas tree.


Santa had been very kind to little Jack, with a brand new baby walker, a massive pile of books, a big snuggly teddy bear and lots of other goodies nestled under the tree.

One of my favourite photos are of him waiting patiently for his first taste of Christmas dinner,  he really enjoyed it and was happily chewing away on a parsnip for most of the meal.


After so much stress it was wonderful to spend the day helping Jack explore his new toys, his cheeky grin washed my troubles away, even if it was only temporary. It really helped to put so much focus into making Jack’s Christmas the best it can be and make all his dreams come true. Two Christmases later and I am still on my mission to make his Christmas a magical one.


We spent the evening snuggled up in our new pyjamas watching festive movies and if I am honest I was a little sad when J’s bed time rolled around but my little boy was all tuckered out and didn’t need much fuss on his journey to dream land.

As a child we never want Christmas to end and that Christmas neither did I.IMG_0703


Do you have any Christmas memories that hold a special place in your heart?


“Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Little Tikes 12 Days of Christmas competition.”

Release the stress this Christmas with fun at the fair.

With all the trouble and strife happening in our lives at the moment, festivities haven’t really been thought about.

Daddy works four days a week and stays at his parents house to save on petrol, so our time together as a family is precious. So when we saw that the local Christmas fair was in town on one of Daddy’s days off, we jumped at the chance to let away worries float away for some good old fashioned family fun.

We told Jack we were going to see Santa and all the way into town he sat in the back of the car chanting “Santa, Santa!”.

That was of course until we had parked up, queued for 20 minutes and paid our donation to the Rutland fire service, then came the tears and “Mummy don’t leave me” (even though we all went to see Santa together). Still I guess this years picture with Santa is an improvement on last years.


 Grumpy Christmas photo 2013.

 After his terrifying experience with Saint Nick, the very next thing Jack saw lifted his mood straight away, a merry go round with a big shiny red car. Jack has never been able to go on any rides as he has always been to small for the ones at Grantham’s fun fair, but this time he was a perfect fit.

Naturally he chose the shiny red sports car over the bus, taxi’s and strangely ducks (a man of taste in my book) and with Mummy crouched beside him off we went, brum brum!!
Now from my point of view it was a pretty boring 5 minutes of going round and round and trying to look excited as we raced past Daddy for the 17th time, but for little Jack it was heaven. He whooped and zoomed and beeped the horn, and the smile on his face was a picture.


As you can imagine he took a little coaxing to climb off and explore the rest of the fair but soon he realised it wasn’t the only ride there.

Soon J was zooming down the helter skelter, once with Mummy and then with Daddy, scanning all the goodies on the stalls and enjoying freshly baked cakes with gingerbread latte.

10805261_10204971698630552_1605804132_nedited 10850683_10204971700750605_1388722733_nedited

A little further up was a shooting game, you know the sort ‘knock all the targets down to win a prize’. Usually we walk straight past but Jack spotted the Spider man stuffed toy they had and that was that.

“Daddy, Daddy, Spider man!!”

Spider man cost 10 tickets so that meant Daddy had to have 2 goes and hit every single target, the challenge was on.
With Jack and I cheering him on Daddy hit the first 5 targets without a single miss, on his second turn a crowd was starting to form with Jack reminding them all,

“That’s my Daddy!”

5 more targets down and one happy boy clutching his brand new Spider man stuffy, Daddy was most certainly the hero of the day.


Next we rode the Disney express and Spider man and Brewer were treated to their own seats while we chugged round and round. We were lucky enough to sit right at the front, so Jack was able to ‘drive’.

By now all this excitement and new experiences had left us all a little hungry and J quite tired, so off we went in search of some food. Jack and I shared a hot dog and Daddy had a massive burger, they had reindeer burgers but it just didn’t feel right eating Rudolf in front of now very festive toddler.

At every 10 minute interval we would pass stands selling light up swords and light sabres but one set up next to the burger stand caught Jacks eye, a stand selling a light up Mickey mouse, fibre optic, noise making object that cost 5 whole pounds! Naturally she sold it the moment she handed it to him when she noticed him staring, clever move lady.


With our pockets feeling considerably lighter and a very tired boy we set off back to the car, with a small break to dance with a giant Brewer we found.


As we trudged back past Santa, we noticed that he had now been joined by some real life reindeer, which captivated J. Having just given Jack a few lessons in Christmas 101 (Who is Santa, what does he do and who are his reindeer), he looked the reindeer straight in the eye and said “Hello Blitzen!”
Cue many awww’s and adoring looks from the crowd surrounding the reindeer.


Back home we had to peel a sleeping toddler out of his car seat and straight into his pyjamas and up to bed, not forgetting spider man of course.


I suppose this post is just a small reminder that no matter how stressful life may be, try to make some family time, believe me its worth it.magicmoments150x150_zps58f60c40 PODcast-WhatsthestorybadgeFINAL125x125_zpsb1967f96 LoudnProudButton2_zps0ae1c4ea kidslinkbadgesmall_zps05dc13fb



Silent Sunday 14/12/2014

10850511_10204971674109939_1128539219_nSONY DSCSilent-Sunday

The ebb and flow of life and a blogiversary.

Firstly I would like to apologise to you, my loyal readers for the lack of posts over the past month.

I have kept it quiet for now as I was too busy focusing on finding somewhere to live but on the 22nd of November we were illegally evicted from the bungalow we were renting.

Our local council stated that they couldn’t help us even though we have a two year old child so for now we are living with my mum, with Daddy staying at his parents house when he’s working to save on petrol.

Its far from an ideal situation but its better than living in the car or a tent in the park.

Luckily Daddy started a new job at the beginning of November so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As you can imagine the blog has taken a bit of a back seat and all my plans of Christmas posts and gift guides have gone out the window, but please bare with me. We are still here and we are still active, be it under a lot of pressure and out of boxes.

On a lighter note today marks my blogs second birthday, its strange to think it all started as a place for me to record precious memories with my newborn. A newborn that is now a cheeky two year old featuring in the continuing adventures of himself, Jack Jack.

I have a mountain of posts and ideas I just never seem to find the time to write and the last two years have been a roller-coaster of motherhood, grief, new found confidence and upheaval.

Onwards and upwards my dear readers, it is after all nearly Christmas ;)


Silent Sunday 7/12/2014




Silent Sunday 30/11/2014




Silent Sunday 23/11/2014




Silent Sunday 16/11/2014




Silent Sunday 9/11/2014

10799828_10204751033714067_281629525_neditedSONY DSC Silent-Sunday

A new beginning….

The past week has been a pretty hectic but hopeful one. We prepared to move house and Daddy started his new job, it has been just Jack and I for most of the week. Daddy is working long days of around 13 hours and Jack is no longer funded at nursery, so I have spent the week trying to amuse a two year old and keep him out of trouble, no easy feat.

Daddy starts work at 6am so has to leave the house at 5:30am, Jack takes this as his cue to get up and drags me out of bed. Monday was spent with a tearful toddler who was missing his Daddy and didn’t understand why he wasn’t at home. We made a den using his pop up tent and had a special indoor picnic that afternoon and enjoyed each others company snuggled in J’s den.


Jack tried his hand at the cbeebies website games and got on surprisingly well.10731005_10204745146526891_19941033444321502_nedited

Tuesday we viewed a house to rent which was unfortunately too small for us, but it being such a lovely day we took a trip to the park down the road.

The view from the top of our hill.

The view from the top of our hill.

We watched the cows in the field behind the park and swung as high as we could, Jack got very shy when a little girl came to play at the park but soon made friends.10799376_10204751034474086_427782638_nedited10799828_10204751033714067_281629525_nedited

Before we knew it the sky was darkening so we set off home and shared a hot chocolate to warm us up. Struggling to keep his eyes open Jack helped me to make dinner while we waited for Daddy, I did dish Jacks up early but he refused to eat until Daddy was home.

As soon as Daddy walked in he was ambushed by a very enthusiastic Jack who then became a little off with his Dad, possibly because he didn’t understand where he had been all day.

With the cold nights drawing in J’s gro bag has made an appearance to keep him warm and cosy during the night.10751591_10204754245834368_1197555130_nedited

Wednesday and Thursday were much of the same but with the appearance of bad behavior from J, he has started hitting when he is angry and by the end of the week hitting for no reason, especially me. I am hoping this will settle down as he eases into the new routine but the naughty step and stern ‘No’s’ are no longer working, much to my poor bruises dismay.

On Thursday night we walked to the little green behind our house to watch the neighborhoods fireworks. Bundled up in coats, jumpers, hats and gloves we had a pretty good view of Grantham from the top of our hill and enjoyed the show before shivering back home to the warmth.10805039_10204757913446056_113897847_n1002682_10204757908925943_3602194524047386265_n

Night vision isnt my iphones strong point.

Night vision isnt my iphones strong point.


Daddy works four days on and two off so Friday and Saturday were his days off, but by no means relaxing as we had a lot of running around to do and the continuing bad behavior from our boy.

It is Saturday night as I am writing this and here’s hoping for a more settled four days ahead.

Do you have any tips for me coping with bad behavior and hitting in response to a change in routine?


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