The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

Healthy superhero, the final Mighty moments challenge

Regular readers may have spotted my two previous posts featuring Plum Mighty moments challenges. If you’re not a regular reader you can catch up with our first two posts via the links below -

Plum Mighty moments challenge 1 (challenge – to make a healthy snack featuring at least 1 of the 4 main ingredients from the Mighty 4 pouches) and Its time for an adventure (challenge – to capture your toddlers mighty moments)

The final challenge is to create a healthy superhero that will help little ones to understand how important it is to eat fruit and vegetables and to be healthy.

I got Daddy involved in this challenge as he was an avid comic fan as a child and we soon came up with an idea. Meet Fruit Bat man, with his bananarangs and grape firing slingshot he is a match for any villain.

Fruitbat man

Jack loves fruit and I often refer to him as my little fruitbat, so it was meant to be. We talked a little about the different superpowers Fruitbat Man could have and came up with these (ok Mummy came up with these and Jack said yay or no to each suggestion):

  • With his mind bending power he is able to zap our sugar cravings.
  • He can use his grape slingshot to kerpow the baddies and also to send fruit to any children he might pass.
  • Using his supersonic bat cry he can make the children of the world understand why leading a healthy lifestyle is important.

I set my little rugrat to work on his design.

10418241_10203721730222123_2953698556126269530_n 10440726_10203721730182122_2131100788802242282_n

Oh no what do we have here?! A vicious cad attempting to tempt little Jack with a sugar filled lolly.




Never fear, Fruit Bat man is here!




KAPOW!!                                    TWANG!!                                 SPLAT!!


“Thank you Fruit Bat man, now I can enjoy some yummy healthy grapes”


FruitBat man recruited Jack as his sidekick – Jumping Jack.

Jumping Jack

I am afraid this is where Daddy and I got a little carried away with the healthy superheros so without further ado, meet the FruitVeggers, who along with FruitBat man keep sugar and fat at bay.

Captain Apricot

Captain Apricot


The mighty 4 (Thor, see what we did there ;))

The mighty 4 (Thor)

We all had fun completing this challenge, Jack was especially pleased to be wearing his Plum Mighty 4 cape.

This is our entry into the Tots100 Plum’s Mighty moments competition.

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4 thoughts on “Healthy superhero, the final Mighty moments challenge

  1. I knew it. All those years that the tinfoil hat people have been wasting their time – they needed ear defenders instead to protect from the subliminal supersonic bats! :D
    They’re all excellent :)

  2. Tammy Tudor on said:

    awww how very cute and what a genius idea! :)

  3. kris on said:

    very cute, such a lovely idea!

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