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Blogger competition, My top 5 TV Dads.

Firstly a big Hello and huge apology to all my readers for the lack of posts over the last few months. Regular readers will know we are going through a pretty tough time at the moment, trying to find a house with all our items and ourselves squeezed into my parents in law’s house. I wont say to much and jinx myself but things are looking up, with Monday a pretty important day for us all.

With Father’s day this Sunday (21st June) and my fiance working and Father in law in hospital with Pneumonia, its going to be a pretty hectic day for little Jack. To make it a little easier for him in between hospital visits and waiting for Daddy to come home, we are having a film day featuring a few of his favorites such as Paddington, Harry Potter and Nanny Mcphee.

Which brings me nicely to a fab blogger competition to win a 48″ curved Samsung TV (worth around £1,800)!


The TV includes:

• A 48” mega screen
• Ultra HD picture, 4 times the resolution of HD
• 1900 PQI
• Smart: Catch up TV & App Store

Curry’s are asking bloggers to write a post about their top 5 TV Dads and why you’ve chosen them (you can find out more over on Curry’s blog)

My top 5 TV Dads are:


5. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

We all know he’s not the brightest button in the box but he loves his family, and tries his hardest to help Lisa with her homework and cover for Bart. Even though Bart and Homer often end up arguing (featuring the iconic image of Homer with his hands around Bart’s throat) things always turn out well in the end. We all remember the episode when Bart sued Homer for being a bad Dad and Homer tried to prove he wasn’t, a dumb Dad doesn’t necessarily mean a bad dad.

Daddy pig

4. Daddy pig (Peppa pig)

At number 4 is Daddy pig, sometimes a little lazy but always there for Peppa and George. Daddy pig has the loudest oink, stubble, a big tummy but an even bigger heart and drops everything to take Peppa and George where ever they want, when they want.

Mike big bang

3. Mike Rostenkowski (Big bang theory)

Bernadette’s dad Mike is an ex cop who is very protective of his little girl. Originally trying to intimidate Howard, Mike at last accepts Bernadette’s wishes and embraces Howard as one of the family. Mike may be a little stand-offish and grumpy but he’ll do anything for his Bernie.


2. Wyatt (Big bang theory) 

Wyatt is Penny’s dad and although he originally wanted a boy and tried to turn Penny into one, hes always there when his little girl needs him the most. A shoulder to cry on and a straight talking dad, Wyatt supports Penny through thick and thin like any good dad should.

Seeley booth

1. Seeley Booth (Bones)

My favorite TV dad is definitely Seeley Booth from Bones, even though he has split from his partner he is still there for his son Parker. Stopping everything at the drop of a hat Seeley even rescued Parker from a serial killer. Seeley also has a daughter with Dr Brennan called Christine, for whom he does everything in his power to protect when she and her mum Dr Brennan are in danger.

So there you have it, my favorite TV dads.

Who would you pick?

Disclaimer: This is my entry for the Curry’s top 5 TV dad’s competition.

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Learning BSL with Flash sticks – a month on

Regular readers will have read our post last month about the fantastic Flash stick post it notes (which you can read here), they have revolutionized the way we can learn a new language.

Jack and I have been learning British sign language for the past month and I am very pleased to say it is incredibly easy to pick up and incorporate into our daily life. From signing shop and our shopping list to my two year old son signing ‘Mummy I love you’, a very proud moment for me but lost on Daddy who has not joined us on our language learning journey.

Flash sticks have allowed my nearly three year old son and I to learn our own secret language within our monolingual family, and enjoy an even closer mother and son relationship than before, always a plus in my book.

I must admit when I first opened my pack of Flash stick post it notes and placed them around the house it was a little daunting, especially as I would be teaching Jack to sign. By using signs through the day Jack has learnt over ten different signs, however at the moment Jack says what he is signing while doing it so the next step will be to help him sign without explaining.

If like me you have bad memories of learning a language at school, reciting the words in a mindless, dull drone then Flash sticks are for you.There so simple even my three year old can do it.

 Till next time, ‘signing’ out ;)

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