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The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

Easy pancakes for toddlers

I’ve been trying to think of new recipes to make for Jack for breakfast or lunch and instantly thought of pancakes. They can be sweet or savory, topped with lots of delicious things and made into almost any shape you like. I was put off by the faffing around I would have to do for just a few pancakes that Jack may or may not decide to eat that morning. That was until I came across this brilliant recipe on the mums days blog, a super mega easy pancake recipe with only 4 ingredients. Its so easy even a cooking disaster like myself can do it.

All this recipe needs is:

1/2 cup of rolled oats

1/2 of milk (if baby is under 1 cows milk is ok to use in cooking but not as a drink)

1 egg

1 banana

Thats it! Easy right?

The lovely Hannah from mums days stated that she used tea cups  to measure out the oats and milk, as did we because I couldn’t find my measuring cups. They’re probably hiding in one of Jacks discovery boxes, doh. You don’t have to worry about getting it exactly right, as long as the oats and milk are the same amount they seem to turn out ok.

Then simply blend the ingredients in a food processor or with a hand blender (make sure you get it really fine) and add the mixture to a hot pan. We made ours into smaller versions of american pancakes as they were easier for Jack to fed himself, once bubbles start to appear on the top of the pancake flip it over. Usually about 1 or 2 mins a side for perfect pancakes. Keep going until all the mixture has gone and then serve with whatever you like. We had ours with a little maple syrup and a sliced banana for Jack.

Now where are the pictures you ask? well I couldn’t take pictures on my phone as I was using that to read the recipe off of mums days blog and when I tried to get a picture of Jack enjoying them he’d already scoffed the lot. Oh well maybe next time😉

Instead here are some pictures curtisy of Hannah at mums days.

2013-11-14-10.45.57 2013-11-14-10.48.30 2013-11-14-10.56.16

And the verdict?


Smiles all round:)

Thanks to Hannah of mums days for this fantastic recipe and allowing me to make these post.

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3 thoughts on “Easy pancakes for toddlers

  1. hannah mum's days on said:

    I am honoured, Kate! And so glad Jack liked them too – the first few times I made them for Reuben he did more poking and throwing than eating but I persevered and now he loves them!

    • mummy2arockstar on said:

      I was a little unsure what Jack would make of them as he has days were he turns his nose up at most things but he wolfed them down without any fuss. Thanks for posting this brilliant recipe, made a nice change from mopping weetabix off the floor or retrieving toast from behind the sofa lol.

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