The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

All about me

The lovely Mary over at over40andamumtoone kindly linked me to her all about me post at the end of last week. Orginally started by Gina at coldteaandsmellynappies it has since taken off like a rocket in the blogging community.

1. Tell us your name and what you do…
I’m Kate and I’m currently a stay at home mum. My previous jobs as a housekeeper and waitress just don’t compare and lets face it I’m still doing those now ;)

2. I live at home with… 
My Pickle (Jack) who’s not far off 19 months old and Daddy.

3. My favourite thing to do is… 
Hmm that’s a tricky one, it really depends on my mood. If I’m determined to do something or go somewhere I’m usually listening to music, if I’m relaxed its usually sharing a good book with Jack and if I just can’t be bothered then I’m indulging in my guilty pleasure of wwe wrestling.

4. My favourite thing to eat is… 
Daddy’s homemade curry, nice and spicy with a chilled beer to finish.

5. When I get cross I…
I shout and walk away for a moment. I have a fiery temper which needs extinguishing after I get angry which usually means banging round the kitchen for a few mins making a cup of tea lol.

6. Sometimes I worry because… 
I’m a Mum, is he eating right, is he eating too much/little, is he hot/cold/sick/tired/bored etc, all part of the fun of being a Mum.

7. My favourite book is… 
Harry Potter books (don’t make me choose one, thats like asking a mother to pick her favourite child)

8. My favourite toy is … 
My ps3, when I ever get the chance to use it. Usually when Pickles in bed and Daddy and I kick some zombie butt ;)

9. I dislike… 
Being told how to raise my son, turkish delight, getting out of bed (in case the duvet loses trust in me, of course) and having to constantly correct people that call me Katie.

10. When I grow up I want to be…
A vet or zookeeper, might be too late now though but anything involving animals is my dream job.

So now you’ve learnt a little bit about me, what about you? I want to learn more about these lovely people






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2 thoughts on “All about me

  1. ginacaro on said:

    Thanks for joining in with the All About Me Meme, I know it was a while ago now but some how I missed it :/

    • mummy2arockstar on said:

      No problem, it is hard to keep up with the ever changing blogging world. Thanks for commenting :)

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