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My tv moments with TalkTalk

Most of us like to watch tv at some point in the day, whether its watching the news during breakfast, letting the kids watch cartoons so you can get a few things done or catching up on your favourite programs once they’re in bed.

TalkTalk have found that there are eight different types of TV viewers or ‘TV Tribes’ ranging from ‘Family Guys’ who enjoy nothing more than bringing the family together to watch their favourite programmes to ‘Secret Viewers’ who tell everyone they watch the likes of Newsnight but secretly revel in trash TV.


I took their ‘Tv Tribes’ quiz and here is my result:

The ‘Me – timer’

I like to watch TV on my own with no disturbances; I hate it when people interrupt. I download and binge on boxsets. I love watching TV in a separate room for a bit of peace and quiet. I often watch TV on a laptop or tablet with my headphones on and love to get stuck into a good TV drama, watching episodes back to back. I never miss an episode of my favourite shows. 

34% of people belong to this TV Tribe

This describes me to a tee, I do indeed save my programs for later once Jacks in bed and if its something the hubby doesn’t want to watch I’ll watch it on the lappy or even my phone.

We don’t have a freeview (due to a dodgy aerial) or satellite tv so all our tv viewing is from Netflix and Amazon’s lovefilm. This can be handy if theres a certain series you want to watch because you can save them to your watch list and you only need to press play once. However if you don’t know what you fancy watching it can be hard to find something where as with freeview or satellite you can flick through channels.

We enjoy watching Disney and childrens films together and Jack has his tv time to watch Batman or Chuggington but once he’s in bed Daddy and I love to snuggle up watching Grimm or Jonathan Creek. We’re not a soap or reality tv watching family, its our idea of hell but we enjoy a good documentary. I have been a massive fan of David Attenborough all my life and I regularly sit and watch life in the undergrowth or frozen planet with Jack (his favourite). I know a lot of parents (and those without kids that like to tell us how to bring them up) worry about too much screen time and that their children are not learning. Watching documentaries with Jack I know he is learning about the world around him and I am happy for him to enjoy a cartoon or two as a chill out time after our daily messy/ sensory or craft play sessions. After all little ones need time to relax too, this gives them a chance to process what they have learnt and helps them to learn to unwind which ultimately helps at bedtime.


Watching one of his favourite films, Alice in Wonderland.

When I eventually get the tv to myself I enjoy watching supernatural dramas such as Hex, Charmed and Angel. Documentaries as mentioned above but also those that touch on topics my little boy is too young to learn about at the moment such as the Titanic Disaster or Storm chasers.

Our perfect family tv moment is snuggled up together watching a family film and listening to my son giggling and enjoying the movie. Having a toddler with ants in his pants makes this moment even more special as its one of the  very rare moments to spend some time cuddling together and what Mum doesn’t enjoy cuddling their babies?

What do you enjoy watching? Any guilty pleasures that you wouldn’t normally admit or do you find yourself watching cbeebies long after the kids have gone to bed?

Why not take the test and find out which tribe you belong to at

This is my entry to the Tots100 TV Tribe competition.


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One thought on “My tv moments with TalkTalk

  1. Ooh I’m a me-timer too!

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