The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

Mother’s Day Memories

Mecca Bingo have come up with a fab competition for bloggers. It’s called ‘Mecca’s Mother’s Day Memories’ and you can be in with the chance of winning a £250 amazon voucher!

All you have to do, is create a collage of family memories – ideally from past mother’s days, or treasured memories, the more creative the better!  You could include images and say why they are important to you, or perhaps what you were doing when you took these pictures, for example were you on a family holiday? Birthday celebration? Etc. What’s the story behind your memories? You could also explain what your mother means to you, or why you love being a mum.

Your post also needs to include a mention of the competition, and a link back to Mecca Bingo and then send your completed post to for your entry to be included. 

The most creative and imaginative post will be picked on the 31st March, and the winner will be announced on the Mecca FaceBook & Twitter page.

The closing date for this competition is Mother’s Day (Sunday 30th March)

So here goes……

While I love my mum to pieces I don’t have any pictures to show you and don’t really like to write about my childhood so Ive chosen to write about being a mum.

Being a mum means everything to me and is chocked full of memories already even though Jack is still under 2. When that sweet little voice calling ‘Mumma’ reaches my ears I can’t help but smile, thats my boy, thats my baby.

My most treasured memories are mostly tied to Jacks milestones but there are some that were spur of the moment and made me teary eyed.



This is Jack just 2 days old. He had been 2 weeks late and I had spent nearly 4 days stuck in hospital being induced and was very close to having a c section when my waters broke, 15 hours later those beautiful eyes were staring up at me. We had to stay in that night as I was having problems bringing my temperature down but in the morning we were fine to go home. We popped into the parent in laws, where we had asked everyone who wanted to see newborn Jack to meet. He was your usual newborn, smelly nappies, hungry and gorgeous but it was later that night when we were finally home and I had gotten my head down for the first time in nearly 3 days that we noticed a problem.

Changing Jack at 1am I noticed some blood in his nappy and woke Daddy. We thought maybe it had been left over from birth or even urate crystals (commonly called “brick stain” by doctors they are a combination of calcium and urate, substances normally found in urine). We called 111 and they sent an ambulance which took us back to the hospital we had just left where it became apparent that unbeknown to us Jack hadn’t been getting any milk from me and was severely dehydrated. After an exhausting night in the hospital trying to express to help my milk establish and get a urine sample from Jack in between feeding him an ounce here and there of formula, with the help of my angel of a mother. We were finally allowed home with the equipment to combi feed Jack and took the mother in law up on her offer to have us stay at hers for a few nights to catch up on a weeks missed sleep.

Once we arrived she shepherded us off to bed and took over looking after Jack, which we were very grateful for. Later that night after a good rest and meal that wasn’t hospital food we finally got to enjoy being a family. The above picture was taken that night, when I finally got the chance to bond with my baby after all the drama. He has eyes that capture your attention and at that moment, as I gazed into my babys eyes all the drama seemed to disappear.



This was Jacks first Christmas and his first Christmas dinner as I had to wean him early due to the problems mentioned above and an insatiable appetite. He enjoyed gnawing on a parsnip and even had a go at a brussel sprout, but soon spat it out. I love how his eyes capture the light in this picture and some how heightens the innocence of little ones at Christmas, when everything is still magical. His second Christmas was totally different as he had learnt to walk and talk to some extent. I admit I had to leave the room at one point as I got a little teary eyed watching his face light up as he unwrapped chugger after chugger and a track from his favourite program Chuggington.

1451460_10202362105392352_385133417_nedited 1472920_10202388121762745_795127991_nedited


Jacks first birthday was an emotional affair for me, I love watching him grow and learn new skills but I was slightly sad that was no longer my baby. At first he was wondering why everyone was sat in a circle watching him but when he saw the mountain of presents waiting for him he soon forgot. He was a very lucky boy, receiving a smart trike, chuggington pajamas and box set, a shoebox full of Car’s vehicles and a working train set among others. Watching him play with his 5 cousins (ranging from 16 to just 7 months older than him) put a smile on my face. My brother lives over an hour away and while Daddys side of the family are only 10 minutes away they are out in the country so without a car we cant really visit. I worry sometimes that Jack doesn’t get enough time with them but when 6 boys of such a wide age range can sit and play with one train set I have nothing to worry about.


I could waffle on for days about my fond memories of being Jacks Mummy but I am sure I would bore you dear readers, so here is my last memory for this post. The above picture is of Jack’s very first steps!

He had been teasing us for weeks, cruising the furniture then suddenly letting go. Will he, wont he?

It was during one of our photo sessions while I was trying to take pictures of Jack testing out Huggalugs leg warmers that he suddenly pulled himself up and toddled over to me. My heart was in my mouth, was he going to fall and hurt himself? Would I catch him in time?

No I needn’t of worried as he toddled straight into my open arms and, looking ever so pleased with himself planted the biggest kiss on my lips.

Nothing stops this boy now, he can run, climb, jump and even kick a ball. But to me he will always be my baby.

Disclaimer: This is my entry for Mecca Bingo’s Mother’s day memories competition.


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