The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

Enjoying the spring sunshine

With the days growing longer and some beautiful sunny weather making an appearance this weekend we decided to have some fun in the garden. Typically on the days it had been raining we had a lot of free time yet this weekend I had many things to get on with. Having spent most of Friday ticking various jobs off my to do list I decided enough was enough and that I wanted to spend Saturday playing with my baby.


After trimming Jack’s hair once again (boy does his hair grow fast) I let him enjoy the freedom of just a vest and a chance to flash his new batman fluff. He is ever so proud of it and tells me every 5 minutes it’s ‘ba ma’, unfortunately he wasn’t in it for very long for shortly afterwards he decided to throw juice all down himself, so after a quick change he was now supporting another new nappy, this time angry birds themed.

Upon discovering the wooden canes I have in the greenhouse Jack decided that one of them was a sword and began swinging and jabbing thin air chanting ‘Ching Ching’. He heroically saved Brewer the bear from a savage looking dandelion and after accidentally snapping the cane in two, became Keith Moon drumming a beat on the pathing slabs while shouting peppa snort. Slightly eccentric child but a wonderful imagination.

For some strange reason I thought it would be a good idea to let my nearly 2 year old enjoy an ice lolly to cool him down in the hot weather, what a silly mummy I am! He started off ok, holding it properly and enjoying the cool refreshing taste. It must have been a brain freeze or maybe a sugar rush but halfway through Jack decides to sit on our outdoor bean bag and tip up his lolly, so that a lovely sticky gloop runs down his arms and chest and seeps into his new cloth nappy.


The aftermath of the ice lolly.

The aftermath of the ice lolly.



Time to get out the paddling pool, maybe this was his plan all along judging by the broad grin that appeared on his face as soon as he saw me setting everything up. Jack then set about soaking everything and anything he could, including me. He loves to play with a bundle of sea creatures he got for Christmas so I added these to the paddling pool and spent the next 20 minutes retrieving them from random places around the garden, I must admit Jack has a pretty good throw.


Once he was dry and dressed again, Jack moved on to chatting to the neighbors who very patiently listened to him ramble about planes and cheese and Mummy. After he had finished chatting he politely waved goodbye and we headed indoors for dinner and a bath.

On Sunday morning I noticed a rash all over Jack but put it down to heat rash until later that day he started to get a fever and moan about his head hurting. After a quick call to my mother (a paramedic) she confirmed my thoughts that Jack had german measles and that camomile lotion would do the trick. Even though he was feeling under the weather it didn’t stop him from creating mischief in the garden once again.

In between being smothered in camomile lotion and suncream Jack set about making a den with Daddy, which took several attempts thanks to the wind and lack of tools. Once up the den became a great place for hiding behind and scaring Mummy when she least expects it.

10322746_10203536105221614_788866628923322273_nedited 10322746_10203536105141612_4324516987658311860_nedited10406555_10203536105181613_6977423263427205029_nedited

My poor little pudding was obviously a little fed up so I bought some of his cars out in the garden for him to play with and he spent a while zooming them up and down the patio, until he discovered a planter full of water and his train just had to have a dip.

10367605_10203536101781528_4417977856582390883_nedited 10382992_10203536101821529_8672105564455401787_nedited

Later that night I started to feel unwell and by Monday morning I was covered in spots and full of fever, thanks Jack for sharing :/

Lets hope the bank holiday weekend ends better than this one did.



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7 thoughts on “Enjoying the spring sunshine

  1. Oh no that sharing caring fever can really hit you as an adult in a way little ones hardly notice. I hope you are beginning to feel better now? I love the story through the garden over the weekend and smiled about the lolly. Well rescued with the paddling pool and that first photo with him turning round laughing at you is beautiful, such a happy little boy. Thank you for sharing your sunny garden weekend on Country Kids

    • mummy2arockstar on said:

      Thanks for commenting, to be honest I’m still feeling poorly and your right about little ones hardly noticing. Jack sprung back pretty quickly while I’ve spent most of the week curled up on the sofa watching movies, not that I’m complaining of the break ;).

  2. Great outdoor fun in the sun! Lets hope this sun is here for the whole summer and its not rainy like this Bank Holiday is.

    Popping over from #countrykids

  3. Lovely photos – I love seeing little ones playing out in the sunshine – they come it with rosy cheeks and they seem to sleep better too! As they get older is is sometimes harder to persuade them to play out but once they are out – they love it and you struggle to get them in again lol!

  4. Barbara Handley on said:

    Really nice to see Jack making the most of the good weather. Let’s hope it lasts for a few more months!

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