The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

“Oh yes, they call him the Streak”

Another week gone and another roundup of the adventures of the small one.

With the heat wave continuing at the beginning of the week, I once again had the challenge of keeping at least a pair of pants on my son. Most of the time I failed miserably, but at least he was dressed if we were out in public. He did however strip the minute we were home but in a way I am glad he did as it made potty training less messy.

Jack has a lovely pink hippo pool/sandpit, that was given to him by a friend of ours last summer. Its just the right size for Jack but as I found out not big enough for mummy to squeeze in too 😦



No matter, we had an impromptu water fight instead. I love spontaneity when it comes to days with my boy, much to his daddys annoyance when he saw how much water we had managed to throw in the house by accident, whoops.

The next day we spent cooing over the firemen that had stopped across the road (for different reasons ;)). They were installing a free fire alarm but Jack being a 2 year old boy nearly wet himself over the fact there was a “Friengine” outside. He did me proud by holding mine and his Daddy’s hand as we crossed the road, then asking the firemen very politely if he could have a look inside.

The lovely lads from the Lincolnshire fire department were kind enough to let him have a little look and put the lights on for him. His obsessive appetite for all things that go was satisfied (if only for a brief moment) and my tired boy asked to go back home to his den for a nap. He did get a little upset that this meant he had to say goodbye to the “Friengine” but as we got back across the road the firemen pulled away and every single man aboard waved to my boy.

I must admit I did get a lump in my throat from the massive grin that appeared on his face at that moment. Just goes to show how important their job is, not just in fire rescue and safety but also by implanting those important life lessons in our children. When playing with his fire engines Jack always says “ouch, hot” because he knows fire is dangerous.

I know, I’ve turned into a real softy since having J and get tearful watching him laugh at a cartoon. Dont get me wrong I am by no means a pushover but I suppose after a tough childhood I was scared to show weakness of any kind.

Since having the little bundle of love, hugs and stickiness that is my boy, I have lost the need of hiding my true feelings. I cry on Christmas morning, on Jacks birthdays and lately when he told me he loved me for the first time. In fact he ended up crying because Mummy was crying and Daddy just raised an eyebrow and supplied the tissues.

My lovely next door neighbours have a grandson who is 9 and sometimes pop round with toys they have held on to but no longer need. This time they came round with a little desk and an electric car for Jack, all for free as they wouldn’t accept payment of any kind.

I must get Jack involved in a thank you gift crafting session I think.

After leaving the car on charge overnight Jack spent Tuesday morning keeping me on my toes stopping him from crashing into things as he drove up and down our quiet cul de sac. Jack has quite a fan club on our road so many of our neighbours stopped what they were doing to watch him attempt to run me over and laugh gleefully as I jumped out the way.

This road rage did hamper my efforts to take the perfect picture of him in his car and all I managed was a short ‘don’t crash’ video.

The desk is a life saver, no more tripping over crayons my colouring mad boy has left on the floor. It also came in pretty handy for a teddy bears picnic during a rainy Saturday afternoon.


By Wednesday we were putting the heat, and J’s nakedness, to good use to try and kick nappies out our lives for good.


It didn’t happen, we managed one wee in the potty and lots on the floor, den, sofa and lots of changes of pants. The less said about the poo and toy tractor incident the better, I’m still trying to forget that myself while storing it away for Jack’s 18th birthday.

To be fair I did buy him a nice shiny new toy tractor with a scoop on the front, but doing said deed on my carpet and using the tractor to scoop it up wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

I spent a while searching youtube for potty training songs and cartoons in the hope they might help Jack to realise he can’t just go anymore. I think the main problem is he gets too caught up in playing but the dry like me pads we were sent to review are helping to save my furniture and floors. Fingers crossed those youtube videos help with the toilet training over the next few days, for mine and my washing machines sake.

As the week came to an end so did the heat wave and the wet weather meant we couldn’t really go out to play. If it was warm but raining I had no problem with Jack running round the garden but it didn’t stay warm for long. Stuck inside Jack’s naughty side came out to play and he taught us that WD40 is excellent at removing crayon from painted walls and jam sandwiches don’t fit in the dvd player very well.

In a bid to channel his energy into something productive I gave him the peg bag and helped him count out ten pegs. In an instant he had it sussed and now counts everything, including his dinner (taking ages to finish in the process).

Jack had an adorable request while getting ready on Friday morning.

“Mummy Brewer dress too.”

Luckily I had packed all his clothes away ready for a future baby number 2. After a little rummaging I had found all Jack’s newborn outfits which were a little spacious for Brewer the bear but at least he could wear them. Every morning and night now we have to change Brewer too and Jack has to help him learn how to brush his teeth.


I must admit I got a few funny looks from people when Jack, Daddy and I popped down to the shop during a sunny spell on Saturday.


Yes I may be making more work for myself but what’s wrong with a 2 year old little boy enjoying a little pretend play with his bear. A massive plus of it all is that Jack now gladly gets dressed and brushes his teeth because Brewer is doing the same, thats a win for me.

On a plus side the cooler weather did give J a chance to wear him new bunny outfit and pull a grin that set my face leaking once again.


Its not everyday you see a 3 foot bunny doing some colouring.

Its not everyday you see a 3 foot bunny doing some colouring.

Our Sunday has been spent mostly in our pj’s watching Disney movies while the rain drummed on the windows.

Heres to more of life’s little adventures.

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9 thoughts on ““Oh yes, they call him the Streak”

  1. He’s such a cutie, even if he does pretend poo is soil, LOL! ……Sorry x
    I’m dreading potty training my boy. Starting to wish we didn’t have carpet! I think he will be confined to the kitchen and garden, lol!
    Your neighbours are so kind and generous, the electric car and desk are fab and it’s great he’s using them already.
    As for Brewer encouraging him to do things- I’m going to try that! My son is either really keen to brush his teeth and get changed or he really isn’t. The last thing you want is crying before bedtime.
    Love his toddle pod too 🙂 xx

    • mummy2arockstar on said:

      I’ll let you know what works for potty training when I’m out the other side lol
      It’s really helping using Brewer as an incentive to brush his teeth and use the toilet. I just hope he doesn’t put Brewer on the potty after using it.

      His toddle pod is a god send. He’s been sleeping in it since he was 4 months old and still loves to curl up in it now at 2 yrs. Might bite me in the bum when I move him into a toddler bed though :/
      Thanks for such a lovely comment.

  2. Ah, I think it’s a great idea to dress Brewer every day, a fab fun way to teach everyday tasks. It looks like fun in the paddling pool.
    Good luck with the potty training, it’s a tough time, but you’ll get through, yes with a few laughable incidents thrown in though.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    • mummy2arockstar on said:

      It’s certainly is hard work but worth it in the long run. Don’t really want him still in nappies when he’s 3, if I can help it. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Adorable photos of Jack, especially in the pool and dressed as a Bunny. What generous neighbours you have and lucky Jack getting some lovely toys to play with. Good luck with the potty training and let’s hope the sun comes back very soon. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  4. How gorgeous and fun is this post and how happy is this little man!! haha!! I love the robot censorship on the top photo, made me chuckle! x

  5. He looks like he has had a ball in the pool, such great pics aswell.
    how exciting he got to go in the “friengine” too #mmwbh

  6. What a busy week! So many things happening in there. So nice to see him enjoying the weather everyday whether its sunny or rainy! We are enjoying it in here as well #countrykids

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