The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

A new beginning….

The past week has been a pretty hectic but hopeful one. We prepared to move house and Daddy started his new job, it has been just Jack and I for most of the week. Daddy is working long days of around 13 hours and Jack is no longer funded at nursery, so I have spent the week trying to amuse a two year old and keep him out of trouble, no easy feat.

Daddy starts work at 6am so has to leave the house at 5:30am, Jack takes this as his cue to get up and drags me out of bed. Monday was spent with a tearful toddler who was missing his Daddy and didn’t understand why he wasn’t at home. We made a den using his pop up tent and had a special indoor picnic that afternoon and enjoyed each others company snuggled in J’s den.


Jack tried his hand at the cbeebies website games and got on surprisingly well.10731005_10204745146526891_19941033444321502_nedited

Tuesday we viewed a house to rent which was unfortunately too small for us, but it being such a lovely day we took a trip to the park down the road.

The view from the top of our hill.

The view from the top of our hill.

We watched the cows in the field behind the park and swung as high as we could, Jack got very shy when a little girl came to play at the park but soon made friends.10799376_10204751034474086_427782638_nedited10799828_10204751033714067_281629525_nedited

Before we knew it the sky was darkening so we set off home and shared a hot chocolate to warm us up. Struggling to keep his eyes open Jack helped me to make dinner while we waited for Daddy, I did dish Jacks up early but he refused to eat until Daddy was home.

As soon as Daddy walked in he was ambushed by a very enthusiastic Jack who then became a little off with his Dad, possibly because he didn’t understand where he had been all day.

With the cold nights drawing in J’s gro bag has made an appearance to keep him warm and cosy during the night.10751591_10204754245834368_1197555130_nedited

Wednesday and Thursday were much of the same but with the appearance of bad behavior from J, he has started hitting when he is angry and by the end of the week hitting for no reason, especially me. I am hoping this will settle down as he eases into the new routine but the naughty step and stern ‘No’s’ are no longer working, much to my poor bruises dismay.

On Thursday night we walked to the little green behind our house to watch the neighborhoods fireworks. Bundled up in coats, jumpers, hats and gloves we had a pretty good view of Grantham from the top of our hill and enjoyed the show before shivering back home to the warmth.10805039_10204757913446056_113897847_n1002682_10204757908925943_3602194524047386265_n

Night vision isnt my iphones strong point.

Night vision isnt my iphones strong point.


Daddy works four days on and two off so Friday and Saturday were his days off, but by no means relaxing as we had a lot of running around to do and the continuing bad behavior from our boy.

It is Saturday night as I am writing this and here’s hoping for a more settled four days ahead.

Do you have any tips for me coping with bad behavior and hitting in response to a change in routine?



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4 thoughts on “A new beginning….

  1. Look at that happy face on the swing! Hope the house move goes well. #countrykids

  2. Sounds like difficult times for you but pleased you sound a little park time to enjoy together. With the bahaviour I would recommend consistency in your message when he is hitting so he knows it is wrong and lots of love the rest of the time while he adjusts to the change. It sounds like you all have a lot going on right now and Jack is probably picking up on this and not understanding. Good luck with all the change and I hope you find the right house soon. Thank you for sharing your outdoor highlights on Country Kids.

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