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What to consider before buying your first eBook reader

I am honored to host my first guest post 🙂

Over to you Izzy.


Buying an eBook reader isn’t as simple as going out and buying the one that looks the nicest and fits into your price range, there are lots of eBook readers and kindles available now, all with different functions and capabilities, and all at different prices. Before you go out and buy your eBook reader, there are a number of things you should consider first, to avoid being disappointed with your eBook reader, or spending more money on it than you have too.
Before you start to begin looking at which eBook reader you would like you purchase you should first consider your needs, the capabilities of eBook readers varies greatly from device to device, therefore, your needs will very much dictate which eBook reader is perfectly suited to you. Here are some of the features that come with various eBook readers, take a look and consider which ones are most important to you:
· Connectivity: most eBook readers will now come with some form of connectivity, at the very least they will have wifi, to enable you to connect to the web at home. Some now also come with built in 3G, to allow you to access the internet on the go, allowing you to download books wherever you go. Consider, do you need to connect to the internet out and about?
· Memory: how much memory your eBook reader has available will dictate how many books you can store onto your eBook reader library. Unlike computers and other devices, you cannot add additional memory onto your eBook reader, therefore it is always better to get a device with too much memory than not enough, or just about enough. Check to see how much memory your existing books will take up, and buy an eBook reader with larger storage.
· File format type: which type of file are your books mainly in? You will need to make sure that the eBook reader device you purchase supports this type of file so that you can add your entire book collection. There is software available for you to change the format of a file, but this can often cost and is incredibly time consuming.
· Battery Life: if you will be using your eBook reader mainly at home, next to your charger, then battery life might not be that important to you, however, if you plan on taking your eBook reader out and about with you, on long journeys, you will want an eBook reader with a longer battery life.
· Downloading eBooks and transferring files: most people will prefer an eBook reader that is not limited in the ability to download eBooks or transfer files, so that they have access to more, books.
· Screen: there are a few things to consider about the screen of your eBook reader.
o How easy is it to read?
o The size of the screen, do you need something large, or would a smaller screen be preferred?
o Is it black and white, or is it a colour screen? Do you need a colour screen?
o Reflectiveness of the screen, some screens reflect light so might it is almost impossible to read them in sunlight.
· eBook reader size: again there are a few things to consider:
o The weight of your eBook reader, is it a nice weight to carry around?
o Is it comfortable to hold and read for hours on end?

Thank you Izzy, do you have an ereader or are thinking about buying one? Hopefully this has helped you decided which is best for you.

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