The adventures of Jack Jack

The adventures of a first time Mummy and my son Jack.

Hello world! (About us)


Hello everybody.

Welcome to the adventures of Jack Jack and our little corner of the worldwide web.


Mummy aka Kate


Hi my name is Kate and I’m a first time Mummy to my beautiful son Jack. Being the youngest in my family, becoming a Mum was a steep learning curve but thanks to a strong support network of family and friends I learnt to stand on my own two feet. Before having Jack I was a housekeeper and am now proud to be a stay at home Mummy.

I suffer from social phobia due to a troubled childhood so I found just popping down to the shops a nervous and sometimes frightening experience. Jack has helped me massively and has become my rock, just by being with me he supports me. We go to a baby group once a week and meet other mums. I originally went to help Jack make friends but it has turned the other way, he becomes a talking point for me to make friends with other mums 🙂

I like reading, writing, listening to and playing music. I used to be a goth (I still am but spikes and chains don’t work with a baby lol). Im not your average 24 year old, my tastes in music range from heavy metal to classical and most genres in between. I like sitcoms and comedy from the 70s and 80s such as only fools and horses and porridge. I used to do a lot of crafts and still try to with Jack. I am also massively obsessed with Harry Potter and the Titanic, someone find me a job for either of these topics 😉

I am also a page creator and proud admin for the ‘Down to earth parenting’  facebook page. We offer advice and help for topics ranging from conception to childcare, tax credits and labour. You name it we cover it, provided its vaguely about parenting of course. We also run theme nights, some to raise awareness of a certain topic and others as just a bit of fun.





This is the star of the show and the reason I blog, my beautiful little Jack Jack. A cheeky boy with tons of love and bags of energy.

A complete mummys boy at the moment but lights up a room simply by stepping into it. Besides his parents he loves his polar bear Brewer, who he takes absolutely everywhere, bubbles (grapes) and watching Batman (over and over and over :/).

Jack dislikes getting dressed, getting undressed and bedtime, the usual toddler dislikes. But he also hates anything touching his hands, we have to roll his sleeves up and he asks to have his hands wiped after every mouthful of whatever he is eating. I hope he grows out of that or he may miss out on some wonderful sensory and messy play opportunities.

He is my world and has totally turned my life around, for the better.

10003905_10203080518952242_198128543_nedited DSCN0516edited

Feel free to get in touch, ask a question, tell me a little about yourself or lets talk all things Titanic (I can dream right).

We don’t bite, well Jack may a little 😉

Copyright © 2014 Mummy2aRockstar – The adventures of JackJack

2 thoughts on “Hello world! (About us)

  1. I am a foreigner here and I am scared a bit of teh people and how they would see me. I still am. But I am also counting on my son for strength to fave the world that scares me. #pocolo

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