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Socialites Zero e-cigarette review

Are you or someone you know trying to stop smoking?

I started smoking while I was in college and continued until I became pregnant with Jack. I completely stopped the moment I saw that faint positive line on the pregnancy test because I had a reason not to smoke and a life not to damage. For my partner it wasn’t so cut and dry, while he wanted to stop for the sake of our child and to save money that we needed to spend elsewhere it wasn’t as easy as it had been for me. I had smoked for around 4 years while at that time the other half had been smoking for around 20 years (yes there is an age gap), fast forward nearly 2 years and not for lack of trying Daddy is still smoking. Cold turkey worked well for me as I hadn’t become so attached to nicotine but for Daddy it just didn’t work, he became cranky and difficult to live with until he cracked. He tried reducing his intake but simply found again he was craving more and ever so grumpy.

When I saw that Socialites were looking for reviewers for their e-cigarettes I knew it would be perfect for Daddy to finally kick the habit.


Socialites e-cigarette is the uk’s number one brand of electronic cigarette and has been designed to meet the needs of the modern smoker.

Socialites electronic cigarettes offer the familiar hand to mouth action and releases a smoke-like vapour when the user draw from the filter. Inhaling the vapour mimics conventional cigarettes by delivering a nicotine hit with the same satisfying sensation.

10 million people in the UK smoke and smoking claims 80,000 lives a year. Socialites e-cigarette offers a range of nicotine strengths in a variety of flavours, including zero nicotine. It also offers zero tobacco, zero tar, zero passive smoke and zero carbon monoxide, making it healthier for everyone and stops you from smelling like an ashtray.  With flavours such as cherry, blackberry and coffee, as well as menthol, gold (similar to British cigarettes b&h) and “v” blend (similar to the flavour of fresh roll tobacco), there is an e-cigarette  for every smoker. It also saves you money, as much as over £6o00 a year.


A starter kit is usually priced at £14.99 and are now available for £9.99. These contains a rechargeable battery, a USB charger, 2 cartomizers (these contain the water vapour and nicotine that will be inhaled and are the equivalent to 80 cigarettes) and an instruction card and can be bought via

We were sent a ‘virginia blend’ starter kit as Daddy smokes golden virginia roll ups. It was very easy to set up and start using as soon as we received it, however Daddy suffered from headaches for the first week while his body got used to the vapour.

DSCN0377 DSCN0379

The taste is almost exactly the same as my usual roll ups and is quick and easy to use when I crave a cigarette. I do still prefer to smoke the real thing but the Socialite e-cigarette has helped me cut the amount I smoke in half and helps to control my cravings around our son or in other places its not possible to smoke such as the car or on a day out.

While not stopping his cravings completely, the e-cigarette has helped to cut his intake by half which is a huge success in itself. Maybe using it over a longer period of time the e-cigarette may completely replace Daddy’s roll ups and with Jack starting nursery soon this offers Daddy a way to control his cravings before he gets the grumps all smokers trying to quit know only too well.

Socialites e-cigarettes can be used anywhere as all you exhale is harmless water vapour, however as with cigarettes they should not be used by those under 18, pregnant or breast feeding women or people in ill health.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all opinion are our own.


One thought on “Socialites Zero e-cigarette review

  1. Sounds like a fab idea, and it’s great that it is working in cutting down the cravings. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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